5 Essential Oscillating Tool Blades

For any woodworker, contractor and tradesman, prepping your toolkit with all essential tools for every task is time-consuming. But one of the tools you must have in your toolkit for its versatility is an oscillating tool.  For most tradesman, once they start using an oscillating multitool it becomes there go to tool for everything.

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Essential Tool Blades for Oscillating Tools

The reason why the oscillating tool becomes the go to for many tradesmen are the different accessory to complement the function of the oscillating tool. Before you use the oscillating tool, make sure that you attach the right accessory into it. For starters, here are five essential oscillating tool blades for a wide range of tasks.

HCS Saw Blade

The HCS Saw Blade is the most common Universal Oscillating Tool Blade because most people use oscillating tools to cut though wood, drywall, plastic and PVC.  If you need to cut through old wood or hardwood, your standard tooth HCS Oscillating Blade will work, but we would recommend switching to a Japanese Tooth Blade as it will cut through the material more quickly.  Many flooring installers will use these blades for performing plunge cuts and undercuts.  

Diamond Blade

Removing grout can be a time consuming and tedious task, particularly when you don’t have the proper equipment. While there are many types of power tools that can cut and remove grout, most of them lack the precision required to remove grout without damaging the surrounding tiles.  This is where an oscillating diamond blade comes in handy.    

Japanese Tooth Multi-Tool Blade

Japanese Tooth Blades have large teeth designed to cut through wood quickly.  Due to the size of the teeth, this would be the recommended blade anytime you are cutting hard wood or old wood.  While a standard tooth blade could work, it will probably wear out more quickly due to the smaller teeth.   

Scraper Blade

Need to remove paint, caulking or old sealant? Get a scraper blade. Ditch the knife which would take you many hours of back-breaking work. Use instead an oscillating tool equipped with a scraper blade to easily shave away old paint. This is also great in taking off carpet and tile adhesives.

Bi Metal Blade

Last but not least: The Bi Metal Blade. Need to cut through metal? Get this blade. This is sturdy enough to cut through pipe, nails, screws, bolts and other metal objects with ease.  Bi Metal Blades tend to have smaller teeth, which makes them more durable, but tend to cut slower as the result of having smaller teeth. 


An oscillating tool is an indispensable piece in any tradesman or DIYer’s toolkit. It can guide you through working on numerous home improvement tasks. You can best find its efficiency by equipping it with the right accessories for each task. The five aforementioned essential blades are just a few of the accessories you can use with an oscillating tool.

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