9 Great Podcasts For Home Improvement And DIYers

Looking for a fun, entertaining way to indulge in your love for home renovation? Podcasts are an ongoing trend for bloggers, internet personalities, and serious renovators to share their DIY tips, tricks, and hacks. All you have to do is pop in your earbuds while you’re out on a run, driving to work, or doing a home reno project—and you’ll get interesting, entertaining wisdom that you can use in your own home improvement endeavors.

We live and breathe home reno, and we know you do too. So we’ve listed some of our favorite podcasts that give great advice, unique hacks, and sometimes just a good laugh.

If you like to make stuff, fix stuff, or listen to interesting things while doing either of those things, these podcasts are for you.

1. The Money Pit Home Improvement

The Money Pit is America’s largest syndicated radio and podcast. Hosts Leslie Segrete and Tom Kraeutler focus their podcast on practical home improvement advice, with a particular focus on low-cost DIY hacks.

The show has a call-in format, meaning the majority of the podcast is about answering questions from the audience. This means that every airing is completely unique, and you can even call in yourself to get an answer to a burning question. The hosts are a font of knowledge, and no DIY question can seem to stump them! They also bring in guests for interviews, including the cast from the PBS series This Old House.

The Money Pit is a must for any home improvement amateur or professional. Kraeutler has been a home improvement expert and professional home inspector for over two decades, and Segrete is known for her gorgeous work with interior design, carpentry, sewing, and cooking. These two are a powerhouse for great tips—and they’re always good for a chuckle.

2. Fix It 101

You can find Fix It 101 on NPR (National Public Radio), and it’s one of a list of classic favorites for renovators. Whether you need to learn to fix a leaky shower head, mount a TV, build a chair, or install recessed lighting, Fix It 101 is there to teach you to install it, improve it, and fix it. The majority of the show is call-ins from listeners asking questions, and they sprinkle in a few guest hosts as well.

This is a great podcast to call in if you’re not sure you can fix it yourself or call in a professional. Don’t be afraid to call in yourself—no question is too big or small.

3. Stuff You Should Know

This podcast is about just about everything—aka all the “stuff you should know.” It covers tips and tricks related to home improvement, decoration, crafting, DIY, science, and more. It’ll even go over TV, movies, true crime, medicine, and neuroscience! Everything you want to know is here in an entertaining, unique format.

Stuff You Should Know is the podcast for the DIYer who likes to learn and be surprised. Although you won’t get home improvement every day, you’ll learn a lot about stuff you never knew—and it can give you the inspiration you need to tackle that next DIY project.

4. Home: On

If you’re looking to make your house more futuristic, then Home: On is the perfect podcast for you. Hosted by Richard Gunther, this show focuses on gizmos and gadgets for a “smart home.” They’ll review everything from home tech news to favorite products to weekend-long DIY projects. They often host awesome guests like Jamie Siminoff, CEO and founder of Ring, Mike Wolf, creator of Smart Kitchen Summit, and Molly Wood, senior tech correspondent for Marketplace.

Whether you’re implementing your first smart house accessory or you’ve become the techiest house in the hemisphere, Home: On always has something new to learn and implement to take your home to the next “smart” level.

5. Young House Love

The Young House Love blog was such a success that it has grown to a podcast, store, books, and products. We love this podcast because they make home improvement approachable. They do more than just hand you an instruction list for a DIY project. They’ll discuss everything from their décor regrets to the benefits of white brick to the how-tos of downsizing. Hosted by husband-wife pair John and Sherry Petersik, they offer over 3,000 DIY and home projects, and they do it in a fun, amusing way.

The Young House Love podcast is for those who love picking up new home improvement projects, whether they be as small as a vase or as large as a kitchen reno.

6. Reclaimed Audio

Reclaimed Audio is a unique podcast that focuses solely on updating and reusing your items. They teach you to take existing materials you have in your home and recycle or up-cycle them with a new purpose. The goal here is to reduce waste while cutting costs by providing you with new gadgets and repaired tools that you already have or can find for cheap (or free).

The Reclaimed Audio guys (Phil, Bill, and Tim) talk about everything from recycling your old guitars to improving your satellite connection to updating vintage electronics. If you want to save your wallet, update your home, and repurpose items you’d otherwise waste, then Reclaimed Audio is a must-listen.

7. Adventures In Design

Adventures in Design, hosted by Mark Brickley, is a daily show that focuses on creative, artistic projects in the home. Brickley will bring you through not just the project itself but everything that goes with it: process, time management, budgeting, and even what it’s like to be a small business owner in design.

This show will entertain you while inspiring you to delve further into your artistic juices. You’ll feel both creative and constructive with this “adventurous” podcast.

8. RepcoLite Home Improvement Show

RepcoLite Home Improvement Show is sponsored by Benjamin Moore Paints, but it doesn’t feel commercialized. You can tune in Saturday morning to learn about everything from unclogging a toilet to installing decorative columns to debugging your car. If it’s fixable or updatable, they’ll review it on RepcoLite.

This is our favorite “little-known” DIY show because each show has a highly specific topic but they still cover a range of relevant features within that area. This one is definitely worth a listen, especially since they have all of their episodes available on their website.

9. Lifehacker

Although this isn’t focused solely on home improvement, “The Upgrade” podcast by Lifehacker will give you all the necessary hacks to improve your life. From home renovation ideas to health tips, you’ll get easy-to-use tools that you can implement in your daily life. The goal is to upgrade your life using a “how to format.” It can even help you find a date if you can ever pry yourself away from your DIY work.

They’re an especially interactive show. They’ll answer your questions, and they might even share your own life hacks that you send in.


The best way to improve your skills is constant practice. And if you can’t constantly be at your woodworking bench or crafts table, listening to tips and tricks of your craft is the next best thing!

What home renovation podcasts do you listen to?

Do any of our readers out there have their own restoration podcasts? Let us know in the comments below!

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