Best Oscillating Multi Tool Blades for Cutting Stone, Tile, Brick, Grout and More

Multi-tool blades come in many shapes and sizes. You can find a blade for almost any project and your multi-tool can slice your work in half. It can even see you through projects that seem too tough for a multi-tool. Cutting through cement, brick or stone can be very easy and your multi-saw will shine like a star when you use the right oscillating blade. However, for the toughest materials like rock, concrete, brick, stone, and grout, the best option is to use is a diamond blade saw.

If you want to skip the technical details and just find the best saw blades for cutting stone, scroll to the bottom.

Diamond blades are designed to cut through hard, abrasive materials. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth which is what's required when you need to cut other hard material. These blades have diamond crystals embedded throughout the tip instead of rectangular teeth. Diamond blades are strong enough for cutting stone concrete, asphalt, bricks, and glass because of the way in which the diamonds are embedded into the saw blade. The manufacturing method is typically one of three variations. Each variation has a different bonding, which enables it to be used for individual materials.

  • Bond

The bond of a diamond blade refers to how soft or hard the metal powder is which holds the diamonds in place. This mixture of diamonds and metal powder are eventually made into saw segments. The rate at which the blade wears—to the point of exposing a new layer of diamonds on a segment—is what the bond controls. When a segment wears down to a new layer of diamonds, a clean, sharp edge is presented and ready for grinding. The softer the bond, the harder the material it is meant to cut.

  • Electroplating

Electroplating involves embedding diamonds into a metal coating made of nickel. Then they go through an electroplating process which involves combining the substance mixture over an electric current to bind them. This results in blades that can be made exceptionally thin for fine precision cuts.

  • Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blades are the highest quality and most durable diamond blade and is how we make our diamond multi tool blades here at Ryker Hardware.

If a diamond saw is vacuum brazed, it basically means that diamond particles were welded onto the edge of the saw blade. This typically involves a vacuum brazing furnace and does not result in a chemical bond between the two materials.

  • Sintering

Sintered diamond blades consist of a steel core and segments of diamonds. Sintering is the most common technique for creating diamond blades. The process involves combining synthetic diamond crystals with metal powder by pressing the materials together under extremely high pressure. This bonds the materials together, without melting them.

  • Wet and Dry Saws

Most diamond blades want to be used wet. This means that water is poured onto the material while being cut by the diamond blade. There are several reasons for wetting the blade while it is cutting. The main purpose of this is to keep the blade from overheating, which it otherwise would do easily. The harder the material, the more energy is released as heat when the particles are split from the material. The harder the bond, the more heat the cut will make. Water will also greatly reduce the amount of harmful dust created by cutting and remove the slurry from the cut. When running the blade dry, many diamond blades are unable to withstand the higher levels of heat involved in cutting ceramic and abrasive materials. Water will greatly extend the life of the blade.

If water cannot be used during your cut, safety measures should be taken. If you are using an electric saw or any multi-tool that will not tolerate wet blades, breathing protection must be worn, in order to avoid inhaling the fine dust created by diamond blades. This dust is known as a possible cause of dangerous lung disease, silicosis. Also, allow the blade to cool off every minute or so. Running the blade outside of the cut zone will speed up the cool-down period.

  • Diamond Blade Types

The three types of diamond blades best for cutting stone with a multi-saw are segmented blades, continuous rim blades and turbo blades.

  • Segmented Blades

Often designed with medium to hard bonds, segmented diamond blades are great for many cutting applications. They are useful for both wet and dry cuts and will most certainly last for a long time. These durable blades cut with a medium smoothness and high speed. These stone blades are used for cutting marble and granite slabs, concrete, asphalt, brick, block, and other building materials.

  • Continuous Rim Blades

These blades are designed specifically to tackle hard materials. Continuous rim blades have softer bonds and diamonds are exposed more quickly through the blades life for an ultra-sharp cut. They cut materials that are easily chipped, such as tile, porcelain, granite, stone, glass, and others. These blades feature one segment without breaks and are mostly used for wet cutting.

  • Turbo Blades

Turbo blades are meant for a wide range of general and specific purposes. They are made with a soft to medium bond and typically feature a serrated edge on a single, continuous segment. A turbo blade has the best features from both other types of blade. The continuous, serrated edge makes for fast cutting while remaining smooth and clean. They are mostly used to cut a variety of materials, such as tile, stone, marble, granite, masonry, and many other building materials. Many turbo blades are made for both wet and dry cutting applications.

Stone cutting blades are designed to cut solid rock in half so that it is easier to move. Your blade isn't very useful if you can't get your saw to the material, so get one of the best stone cutting blades for your multi-tool saw, and get mobile. If the rock won't come to you, you got to go to the rock.

1. Narrow Diamond Multi Tool Saw Blade - .75 Inches Wide 

Our Narrow Diamond Multi Tool Blade is the ideal tool when you need to make your precise detailed cuts.  The narrow blade allows for easy control over the tool allowing you to guide the blade exactly where you want it to be.  This blade is the preferred diamond blade when making any type of plunge cut.

That being said, how do you know when blade you need for the job at hand?

Honestly, we recommend you get both our narrow and wide-tipped multi tool blades.  You might find the wide blade works better when making long cuts, but with the less aggressive rounded edge, you may find that it cuts slower than the narrow-tipped diamond blade.


2. Ryker Hardware - Diamond Oscillating Saw Blade - 2.5" Wide x 1/8 In. Kerf Multi-Tool Diamond Cutting Edge

Diamond Oscillating Saw Blade

The Ryker Hardware Multi-Tool Diamond Oscillating Blade is made of high-quality diamond grit blades. It features the Universal Fit Quick Release Arbor for superior power transfer. The offset design assists in flush cuts. The blade is designed for the interface to be 25% thicker and the blade is tapered to reduce the risk of jamming.

The diamond cutting-edge makes for easy slicing through hard metals. The curved cutting edge allows for precise work and smooth plunge cuts. This blade is great for removing grout and cement from tiles, tubs, showers, faucets, and glass. This blade is used for a wide variety of tasks, including flooring and tile removal, and rust corrosion removal.  The hardness of the diamonds, allows the user to also cut through nails, screws, rebar, stainless steel, copper, galvanized pipes and other metals.

This is the best multi tool stone blade for intermediate and advanced home projects, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, and porches.

3. ONE-FIT Diamond Multimaster Blade IBOA730-1 Imperial Blades

ONE-FIT Diamond Multimaster Blade IBOA730-1 Imperial Blades

The One-Fit Multimaster is designed as a boot-shaped segmented diamond blade. This blade will fit multi-tools by Fein, Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Rockwell, Porter-Cable, Milwaukee, Craftsmen, Genesis, and other top brands. It includes an adaptor for quick-release systems and is made in the USA.

The One-Fit Diamond Multimaster is an incredibly long-lasting blade, designed specifically for hard grout. This is one of the best available because the one-fit system allows the blade to fit the vast majority of multi-tools & oscillating tools on the market. The boot design will remove tough grout from between tiled surfaces and allows pressured, aggressive cutting, without damaging surfaces. This blade has commercial applications in cutting out marble and concrete joints.

The MultiMaster is a great stone blade for cutting brick, pumice, honeycomb stone, and even autoclave aerated concrete. This is a high-quality, heavy-duty blade for tough, intricate jobs. This is the best multi-saw blade for stone tile and concrete cutting.

4. Ridgid Turbo Diamond Blade Multi-Purpose Cutting Masonry/Concrete

Ridgid Turbo Diamond Blade Multi-Purpose Cutting Masonry/Concrete

The Ridgid Turbo Multi-purpose Diamond blade is made from high-grade diamond powder. This is a turbo blade boasts a continuous rim, made of heavy-duty steel core. This blade will fit 7” grinders, circular saws and tile saws. It has a max rpm of 8,730. The Ridgid Turbo Diamond Blade is designed to be suitable for both dry and wet cutting.

The diamond powder has a proprietary bond that has been engineered for the maximum performance in cutting hard materials. The steel core makes for precise, chip-free, and fast cuts. It works great when cutting porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble, granite and other types of natural stone.

This is a great blade for almost any project. It is the best-listed multi-saw blade for cutting masonry and concrete. With this blade, you can even sculpt your own Statue of David in no time.

5. Bosch OSL312CG Starlock Kerf Carbide Grit Grout Grinding Blade

Bosch OSL312CG Starlock Kerf Carbide Grit Grout Grinding Blade

The Bosch Starlock Grout Grinding Blade is made with a premium carbide grit coating. It is designed with a segmented blade shape and laser etched blade. This Swiss-made blade, features a Starlock interface and works with OIS-compatible tools. Compatible brands include Bosch, Fein, Milwaukee, Makita, Ridgid, and many others.

Bosch is a leader in employing the industry's best standards. Their quality focus produces benefits such as reduces vibration during use and adaptability. The Starlock interface provides the highest torque transfer possible and higher performance applications.

The Starlock by Bosch is the best multi-saw stone-cutting blade for contractors and professional craftsmen. However, if you're a DIYer, do not be scared off! This blade is made with precision and produces industry standard quality. Now, all you need are steady hands and skills.

Take your craftsmanship to the next level and use the best blades to slice through hard stone like butter. Knowing what kind of material you are cutting and the correct diamond blade to do the job will increase the satisfaction of quality in your work. Being a craftsman is a lifelong journey. It is time to step into the world of stone cutting, armed with your trusty multi-tool with the best saw blades on the market. Next step… take on the mountain!

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    I need a diamond multi tool blade that will last grinding out grout joints. I need to use them dry. Will yours hold up for a long time?

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    Greetings, I have a Porter Cable Multi Tool model PCE605 type 2. I’m looking for blades to use in trimming James Hardie cement siding products. Do you carry such blades? And I would also like to purchase a multi blade kit with blades for wood, metal and tile.

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