The Best Sawzall Blades to Cut Anything

Sawzall saw blades or reciprocating saw blades, rely on the push and pull motion of the blade (also known as reciprocating motion). Sawzall saw blades are manufactured by a wide range of companies. Some of the best Sawzall blades, however, are the creation of Milwaukee Tools.

Are you considering the selection of the best Sawzall blades that will give you an opportunity to cut through just about everything? If so, here are a few of the top saws to consider:

1. Milwaukee 9-Inch Carbide Sawzall Blade

The Milwaukee 9-Inch Carbide Sawzall Blade is a specialty blade has a number of characteristics that turn it in a favorite among buyers. The ease of use and the versatility are two of the most prominent features of this circular saw blade.

Milwaukee 9-Inch Carbide Sawzall Blade

This bi-metal blade is a tungsten carbide-tipped blade and is designed to cut through just about every material out there, including tough options like cast iron and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, stainless steel, plaster, stone, and other kinds of tile.

The length of this combination blade is nine inches, as the name indicates and it comes with a ½-inch universal tang that makes it fit all kinds of Sawzall. These characteristics and the toughness of the blade make it suitable both for household and for commercial applications.

This is the first entry in the list because of the numerous positive customer reviews that it’s gotten. People who have tested the blade report that it can cut effortlessly through metal pipes and cast iron objects. If you’re looking for optimal performance, this blade will be the best one for you. Since it’s incredibly reasonably priced and provided with a 5-year warranty, the blade doesn’t pose any risk to first-time buyers.

In addition, reports suggest that the blade lasts a lot longer than other options on the market. It remains in a good condition even after daily use and being tested on an array of tough materials.

2. Milwaukee Sawzall Blade 6” Diamond Grit

If you’re looking for something even tougher than the first entry in the list, the Milwaukee Sawzall Blade 6” Diamond Grit would be the right pick for you. Manufactured in the United States and incredibly tough the Sawzall blade can be used to cut through just about any material out there.

Milwaukee Sawzall Blade 6” Diamond Grit

According to the official manufacturer presentation, the blade features TPI/Grit diamond coarse grit – the secret behind its incredible toughness. The diamond grit increases the longevity of the blade by approximately 30 % in comparison to the standard carbide grit blade. In addition, it can cut through just about any material nearly two times faster than the regular Sawzall blade.

Reviewers have given this tool mostly positive reviews. According to their testimonials, it can do the job when most other reciprocating blades will fail. One reviewer reported that the blade was the only one capable of cutting through an old, thick cast iron soil pipe. Both carbide grit and bi-metal blades failed the task.

Some reviewers report using it on granite, marble and other incredibly tough natural materials. The blade does an excellent job every single time.

One complaint that reviewers have is that depending on the toughness of the material, the blade may be a bit slow. While the job may require some time to be finalized, the blade will deliver the expected results every single time.

3. 14TPI 9-Inch Thin Kerf Ice Hardened Sawzall Blade

This option is a bit more expensive due to the innovative technology used to harden the blade. Still, the 14TPI 9-Inch Thin Kerf Ice Hardened Sawzall Blade is another buyer favorite due to its toughness and ease of use.

14TPI 9-Inch Thin Kerf Ice Hardened Sawzall Blade

Manufactured in the US, the blade undergoes a cryogenic heat treatment process that permanently changes the properties of the metal that the blade is made of. Ice-hardened blades like this one can be expected to have a 50% longer life than a standard Sawzall blade, which justifies the additional expenditure.

There are a few cool characteristics that maximize the strength and the toughness of the blade. The tough neck ribs are used to strengthen the tang of the blade and reduce the risk of breakage. Milwaukee Tools also relies on its Grid Iron honeycomb pattern to maximize the rigidity of the blade.

One other cool characteristic is the maximized flexibility in comparison to other Sawzall blades. This characteristic reduces the risk of shock or shattering, maximizing the safety of blade usage.

The nine-inch Sawzall blade comes with a 14 TPI and a ½-inch universal shank. The blade has a thin kerf profile and it’s just one of the Milwaukee Tools ice hardened Sawzall blades.

4. Milwaukee 49-22-1129 Ultimate Demolition Sawzall Blade Set

This product is specially created for the needs of people who’d prefer to buy an entire set rather than acquire one blade after the other. The Milwaukee 49-22-1129 Ultimate Demolition Sawzall Blade Set consists of 12 items, which makes it suitable for handling just about every DIY and professional project.

Milwaukee 49-22-1129 Ultimate Demolition Sawzall Blade Set

All of the 12 reciprocating saw blades are created for cutting through a vast range of materials, including some of the toughest possibilities out there. The company has brought together an assortment of its most popular demolition blades, which are thicker than the standard Sawzall blade. The added thickness increases the longevity of the blades and reduces the risk of shattering.

A few of the options included in the set are a nail cutting blade, a general purpose demolition cutting blade, and a metal cutting product. A durable case is also provided for the effortless storage of the demolition blades.

The blades have a couple of innovative characteristics that ensure their quality. The Milwaukee Tool Nail Guard technology brings together a 5 TPI pattern for faster cutting with a unique design that reduces the risk of tooth fracture. Fang Tip design is used on the wood cutting blades to make them faster. Finally, double relief angle design reduces the stress on the blade teeth to increase the lifespan of these products.

Since the products are provided in kit form, they’re a lot cheaper to purchase this way than to acquire each one of the Sawzall items individually.



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