Dewalt DW745 Compact Job Site Table Saw Review

Every experienced Professional and DIYer understands just how useful a table saw can be. Instead of wrestling large pieces of wood, racking your brain on how to cut them properly--a good-quality portable table saw allows you to make accurate cuts at half the time when compared to other power cutting tools. Whether you are working with plywood or a filler for a cabinet, a table saw is easily one of the most important pieces of equipment on the job site.  

When it comes to trusted table saw manufacturers, DeWalt has built a solid reputation of creating a tool that are powerful, dependable and reasonably priced. Almost nobody can argue that DeWalt is among the very best brands of table saws in the market. For almost a century, DeWalt has been leading the charge when it comes to innovating and manufacturing woodworking products that have become the industry standard. 

Speaking of table saws, the DeWalt DW745 Compact Job Site Table Saw is an attractive option for both amateur and professional woodworkers alike. While the DeWalt DW745 isn’t necessarily the company’s top-of-the-line job site table saw, it’s definitely a formidable competitor in the 10” portable table saws market. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you’ll get on more expensive models that will set you back hundreds of dollars more, the DeWalt DW745 sports carefully considered functionalities and is built to the same high-quality standards of any DeWalt product.  Let’s take a closer look at the DeWalt DW745 Compact Job Site Table Saw. 


Specs Overview  

The Compact Table Saw is powered by a 15-amp torque motor that is capable of powering through a wide range of woodworking applications. You can count on this tool to cut through anything--from hardwood to processed beams to pressure-treated lumber. The motor rotates the blade at 3,850 rpm and delivers 1850 watts of power. We have found that the DeWalt DW745 has enough power to even cut through some heavy-duty jobs. In our experience, the blade is able to deliver smooth and professional cuts even when used on thick and high-density material. The DeWalt DW745 features a 10-inch 24-tooth carbide blade, giving it a rip capacity of up to 3-1/8″ at a 90 degree and 2-1/4″ at 45 degrees.  

For maximum control and accuracy, the DW745 Job Site Saw features a metal T-fence that can be conveniently be moved across along the telescopic fence rails. The fence can be locked in placed with the locking system. The telescopic fence allows the tool to be adjusted and fine-tuned according to both the workspace and the user’s personal preferences 

Among the most important elements that the DeWalt DW745 brings to the table is unparalleled portability.  Weighing only 45 pounds, this table saw unit can easily be carried from job site to job site without issues. Its compact dimensions allow it to easily fit in the back of your truck, trailer, and garage 

One noteworthy thing about the DeWalt Table Saw is that it is designed with a tool-free adjusting system which makes everything about the unit easily adjustable without using any additional tools.  

The safety mechanisms on the DeWalt DW745 are pretty solid. There are a number of safety precautions in place so that the risk of injury is reduced to the minimum. Among the most elaborate safety features of the device is the location of the power switch which sits at the front of the unit for easy access in case of an emergency. Additionally, the rolling bars are wide and sit flush to the ground allowing for maximum stability. There is also a transparent blade guard that keeps your fingers away from the blades at all times. Additionally, the DW745 features a built-in riving pawl that is designed to help prevent kickbacks.   



DeWalt DW745 retails for about $300 on Amazon.  Sure, there are saws that can be purchased for less, but they aren’t exactly the best for the job site.  Most table saws for the job site are priced well above the $300 mark--so the DW745 actually comes in at a great value. As far as we are concerned, it’s a good investment. It a rock-solid machine that’s loaded with good basic specs and functionalities. 

Since its introduction, DeWalt DW745 has gained a lot of following in the market--largely due to its 15 amp motor, the 20-inch rip ability, and the 10-inch blade. It’s definitely a good-value equipment that’s best in the hands of beginners and moderate users. And if you are working within a tight budget, this will arguably get you the best equipment for your money. It has everything you’ll ever need to tackle a decent DIY project and more. In fact, even some professionals are inclined to use DeWalt DW745 on the job site due to its accuracy, durability, and portability.  

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