Oscillating Tool Blades for Every Home Improvement Task

If you ask tradesmen in the construction industry what's their go-to tool, more and more say its the Oscillating Tool. An Oscillating Tool goes by many names, some call it an OMT, Oscillating Multi-Tool others call it the vibrating saw.

It is the Swiss Army Knife of power tools with its versatility and number of accessories available that allow you to use it across multiple trades and the ability to work on multiple materials. With the right accessory or blade, you can work on almost any task.

Each oscillating tool, regardless of the brand, will come with blades and accessories to equip it with for any task you desire. But to really take advantage of this power tool, you need to right blade or tool. 

In this guide, we at Ryker Hardware hope to introduce you to some new ways to use your oscillating tool. When people complain about a saw blade not working correctly or wearing out too fast, 99% of the time it is user error because they are not using the right blade for the job.  By choosing the right blade for the job, you can ensure your blades will last longer, but you will also be more satisfied by the performance.

Oscillating tool blades are mainly categorized in the task they perform: cutting, sawing, rasping, scraping, sanding, polishing and specialty blades. 

Before we take on the different types of oscillating tool blades for every home improvement task, you need to learn first about multi-tool arbors.

Multi-Tool Arbors

The arbor is the part of the oscillating blade that connects to the oscillating tool.  Our most common design uses a Universal Fit Quick Release Arbor, because is compatible with more Oscillating Tools, than other options in the market.  So it’s crucial for any worker who has an oscillating tool to to know what type of arbor you need for your particular tool.

Types of Oscillating Tool Blades

Oscillating tool blades vary in size and function. They also vary in the materials they can work with. Some are made of mixed metals (BiMetal), Titanium, Diamond, and Carbide. They also differ in the teeth that each blade has.

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Here’s a quick overview of the types of oscillating types, based on their purpose:



Here's a handful of our most popular oscillating saw blades.

Semi-Circular Oscillating Saw Blade

Extended Reach Wood/Plastic Oscillating Saw Blade

Bi-metal Oscillating Saw Blade


Carbide/Diamond Blades are great for coarse sanding of tile adhesive, fillers, concrete, stone, and wood. You can find them in triangular, round and finger shapes.


Scraper blades are available in both rigid and flexible. They remove stubborn paint, silicone, carpet or tile adhesive, undercoating, etc. You can choose scraper blades in either a wide straight blade with flexible blades or in a wider mushroom shape.


You can also use the oscillating multi-tool as a sander. Sanding pads are available in both 4 1/2″ round and a triangular version. Find in both plain or perforated form. Abrasives are held with hook and loop system. They are made from different materials such as aluminum oxide and zirconium.


There are felt polishing pad, Bristle fleece and/or felt and fleece polishing pads that attach to the standard backing pad by hook and loop. They work polishing chrome, stainless, aluminum, non-ferrous, polycarbonate and natural stone materials, gel coat, removing discoloration caused by heat and more.

Grout Removal

grout removal
This round blade can be bought in both carbide and diamond edges. Carbide edged blades work on softer, more porous materials such as tile joints and grout,  plaster, porous concrete, and deck plank sealant. The diamond edge blades also work in harder materials.


Oscillating tool blades help workers use their power tools in home improvement and woodworking tasks. You can use them to cut, saw, rasp, scrape, sand, polish different materials and remove grout. All you need is to equip your multi-tool with the right blade for the job.

To learn more about oscillating tools and how to take advantage of them, go to Ryker Hardware. Browse through our articles from how-to guides to product reviews.

We have sold more than 350,000 saw blades all due to your support and confidence in the quality of the products we sell and the service we provide. Here at Ryker Hardware, we are focused on providing quality products at affordable prices to fit everyone's budget.  We source our saw blades from the same factories that many of the Big Brands use and pass our savings directly to you.

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