Porter Cable Oscillating Tool Reviews

Porter Cable makes several oscillating tools that designed for a variety of purposes. Most products from the company are used for sanding purposes. Finishing and cutting functions can work too depending on the attachment being used.

All oscillating tools from Porter Cable function with a variety of parts and uses in mind. Comparing each multi-purpose tool that is available is certainly a must for any toolkit. Everything varies based on the unique functions that are included and how well you use these items.

A Quick Note

The various tools Porter Cable makes are divided up based on how such a machine will be powered (amp motor) and how many parts come with a setup. Also, sometimes the power cord might be a little longer on a few models. Not all cutting or work heads are included in each set so be sure you look at the specific pieces that are included on each toolset.

1. PCC710B 20-Volt MAX 20-Piece

Porter Cable Oscillating Tool Reviews


The first of the tools to review is this battery-powered unit. Designed with an electric arrangement, the need for wires or cords is eliminated here. You will not have to struggle with limitations in terms of where you can use your oscillator.

The oscillating device uses the same 20-volt MAX battery system that Black and Decker utilizes for many of its cordless power items. The two-finger setup makes it very easy to change accessories and adjust the head.

The speed dial shifts from 8k to 18k OPM. The LED work light also illuminates any spot that might otherwise be difficult to see.

The three-position grip gives you an added hold over the oscillator. Vibrations are less of a threat. This works on the left and right hand alike. The lightweight body of the tool especially keeps it steady and easy to use.

Pieces Included

  • 14 sanding paper sheets
  • Sanding plate
  • Wood blade
  • Bi-metal blade
  • Rigid scraper
  • Grout clearing blade

You will benefit from this cordless model if you have a variety of needs for using this in a number of places. The simple design is useful but the cordless nature is the best part.

2. PCE605K52 3-Amp

Porter Cable Oscillating Tool Reviews

The second choice to find is the PCE605K52 3-amp unit. Porter Cable makes this with a motor that connects to a ten-foot cord for power. The longer cord reduces the need to get an extension added.

The tool-free setup uses a series of small low-profile buttons and latch features to lock and unlock individual pieces onto the head. There are 52 parts included with all of them being easy to add and remove in just a matter of seconds. Most of these are sanding heads that are easy to replace as necessary.

A control knob adjusts the speed of the unit to about 20k OPM at its fastest. It quickly responds to sudden changes and operates in just a matter of seconds. The speed is also maintained quite well as there are few risks of the motor wearing out while in motion.

A depth and cutting guide is also added to provide you with more control. It leads you towards particular movements and cuts to create a stronger layout that works fast.

Parts Offered

  • 35 sanding papers
  • Depth and cutting guide
  • Three separate wood cutting blades
  • Three combination metal and wood blades
  • Three flush cut blades
  • Two rigid scrapers
  • Two non-rigid or flexible body scrapers
  • Two grout removal blades

Thorough and more in-depth jobs require the 3-amp tool. The ability to switch from one blade or sanding head to another is especially ideal for your use.

3. PCE606K 3-Amp

Porter Cable Oscillating Tool Reviews

Those who need a smaller oscillating tool will benefit from the PCE606K. The unit uses a variable speed dial that adjusts the motor from 10k to 22k OPM. An eight-foot cord is also included. A small carrying case is even added to transport your pieces and keep them protected when they are not in use.

The compact design comes with a curved handle. A relaxed grip is used so left and right-handed users alike can quickly hold onto this without the tool slipping off of one’s grip. The trigger is also right on the grip to let it start and stop quickly.

Parts Featured

  • Eight sand paper heads
  • Wood blade
  • Wood and metal blade
  • Sanding plate

You would be better off using this if you have basic projects that you need to complete. You will also benefit from it the most when you are working on things within an apartment or other space with tight areas.

4. PCCK619L8 20V MAX 8-Tool Combo Set

Porter Cable Oscillating Tool Reviews

The last of the options to see is not necessarily a particular tool but rather a package that you could order. Some of the top Porter Cable oscillating tools are sold alongside larger sets. The PCCK619L8 is one such set that uses the 20V MAX battery setup.

The oscillating tool on this comes alongside a circular saw, a jig saw, a grinder plus drill, and impact drivers among other items. The set gives you plenty of useful choices for fixing up a variety of items inside your home. Best of all, the individual tools all work with the same 20V MAX battery design.

But, to make this useful, you must watch for how well a battery is charged up. You can always order separate batteries so you can have several on hand to charge multiple devices at a time. Porter Cable uses batteries that last for a while and do not wear out quickly. Still, planning your battery usage ahead of time is always a good idea to consider.

Also, you might have to order separate sanding heads and other parts to go with your oscillating tool. Not all combo sets come with the individual items your unit would require.

Porter Cable oscillating tools are ideal for all the standard cutting, sanding, and sharpening needs you have. Every unit is different, so be certain that you check around to find options that are suitable and ideal for your use. Whether you choose an electric model or one that comes with a motor, you will be pleased with how well your particular set will run for you and stay fully functional.

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