Ryobi P340 Job Plus Multi-Tool Review

Anyone looking for practical appeal at an affordable price will be interested in the Ryobi Multi-Tool (Ryobi P340 Job Plus 18 volt with Multi-Tool Attachment). Depending on the website or the store you’re buying it from, Ryobi Job Plus will be available at anywhere between $59 and $69 US making it a great deal wherever you go. Thus, we’re getting started with an excellent price to quality ratio that makes the product worth a try.

Main Characteristics

There are a number of key features and technical specs that offer more innovation and make the Ryobi Multi-Tool a practical pick.

This is an 18-volt, lithium ion battery-operated cordless circular saw and multi-tool that’s lightweight and easy to use in small spaces (the weight is only 2.15 lb and the tool measures 10” x 7” x 5”). The item comes with a multi-tool attachment that can cut through a wide array of materials – metal, plastic composite, wood, and drywall metal to name a few.

The kit is also provided with multi-tool attachments including a circular saw blade, sanding pad, five pieces of sandpaper, an Allen wrench and a universal multi-tool accessory adaptor. Because of these characteristics, Ryobi Job Plus Multi-Tool is an excellent option for the completion of various construction and renovation tasks.

A few other technical specifications of this interchangeable tool worth mentioning include:

  • There’s a multiple-position tool head that allows for a lot of versatility in the execution of different projects
  • The ergonomic design makes it possible to handle the tool even with one hand while it’s on (GripZone incorporated in the design for maximum comfort)
  • A magnetic holder is incorporated into the design, making it easy to keep screws in place
  • There’s LED worklight that gives a visual indication of the product being operational
  • The removable head system is compatible with all JobMax heads, increasing the versatility and the practical appeal of the Ryobi tool
  • The tool is quite powerful and efficient with 20,000 oscillations per minute even when working on the finest detail
  • Though it doesn't come with a battery or charger as standard, it’s compatible with an array of lithium ion batteries – P100, P102, P103, and P108
  • The tool is also compatible with a range of different Ryobi chargers and multi-tool attachments making it versatile and a great deal

Using Ryobi Job Plus Multi-Tool

While all of this may sound great and on paper it offers more innovation than its predecessors, testing the Ryobi Multi-Tool is the only way to find out whether this machine is functional and user-friendly. Despite the lightweight design, this Ryobi creation is powerful enough to complete successfully an array of renovation and repair tasks.

As already mentioned in the official presentation, the tool can be used to cut through a wide array of materials. Multiple reviews confirm the claim. People who have used the Ryobi Job Plus Multi-Tool report that it’s indeed powerful enough to cut through metal and other hard materials.

The sanding attachments are also quite powerful and easy to use. In addition, they leave a smooth edge, unlike many other similar tools.

The lack of a cable is another massive advantage. Since the Ryobi Multi-Tool has a multiple-position head, it can be utilized in many places. The tool is easy to hold with one hand and employ in a difficult to reach area. It still gets the job done fairly easily.

Biggest Advantages

There are dozens of positive reviews about the multi-tool with people being predominantly pleased with the price to quality ratio. For such an inexpensive machine, Ryobi P340 is still powerful and quite functional.

Some of the most common advantages mentioned in buyer testimonials include the following:

  • Compares easily to more expensive machines: many reviewers have compared the functionality of Ryobi P340 to the effectiveness of more expensive competing brands like Makita and Bosch. Many of the reviewers report that the Ryobi Multi-Tool delivers an equally good performance.
  • Perfect for DIY home projects: while Ryobi Job Plus Multi-Tool is not created for the needs of professionals, it can handle most of the common household repair/improvement applications.
  • All of the attachments work well: many multi-tools have the problem of doing a mediocre job or having just one of the attachments working properly. All of the attachments that Ryobi P340 have produced have worked extremely well and they increase the versatility of the tool (it’s definitely not a one trick pony!).
  • A pressure-activated trigger: you can vary the intensity of the power of the tool because of the pressure-activated trigger. The harder you press on it, the higher the speed of the head is going to be.
  • Solidly built: regardless of the price point, this is a well-made machine that comes with an ergonomic design. This claim is valid for most Ryobi tools. The lower price tag doesn’t mean they’re flimsy or made of inferior materials.
  • Versatility: Ryobi Multi-Tool works with an array of batteries and adaptors.

A Few Shortcomings

Finding negative reviews has been somewhat difficult since most buyers love the multi-tool by Ryobi. The cons mentioned in their reviews are usually minor:

  • Distance moved in a single rotation: according to some of the reviewers, the distance that the machine covers in a single rotation is small. To improve the quality of the cut, it should have been bigger.
  • There isn’t an “on” switch in the design: in order to work with the Ryobi Multi-Tool, you’ll have to keep on pressing the trigger. As soon as you let go of it, power will be lost. This could be a problem when working in a difficult to reach spot. In addition, the trigger is located far back on the machine, making it inconvenient.
  • Does not come with a battery: some people may assume that the product is provided with the battery included. While the other accessories are available in the kit, the battery will have to be purchased separately.

Final Verdict

If you like to renovate and improve things around the house, chances are that you’ve already considered the acquisition of a multi-tool. Such a machine will save you from having to purchase multiple individual items. The good news is that a multi-tool can be affordable and functional at the same time. The Ryobi Multi-Tool is an example of such an appliance.

Other than a few design shortcomings, Ryobi P340 does precisely what the manufacturer promises it would. It’s easy to use, lightweight and powerful. These are some of the main reasons why the Ryobi Multi-Tool has a large number of devoted fans.



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