Top 3 Oscillating Blades for Wood Cutting with your Multi Tool

Oscillating multi-tools are a workman’s partner. This is the most versatile power tool in one’s toolkit. With it, you can be more productive at work with less time than before. You can work on a lot of projects and tasks with this multi-tool from getting rid of grout to removing paint to smoothing surfaces. Above all, it is versatile because it can be equipped with many different accessories and blades of different functions.

Each task necessitates a different accessory to complement the function of the oscillating tool. The key to a well-done task with an oscillating multi-tool is to attach the right accessory into it. There is no mincing words here. You cannot use any other oscillating blade except the right one for the job, whether it’s quick or long one.

Three Best Oscillating Tool Blades for Wood Cutting

Wood is one of the most common materials for workmen to cut. They can use it to create furniture, boxes, and other woodworks. To be efficient in wood cutting, every worker should only use oscillating blades meant to cut the material.

For starters, here are three of the best oscillating blades to use for wood cutting, whether as a DIYer or a professional. (in no particular order)

Titanium BiMetal Oscillating Saw Blade for Wood w/Nails

Worried about constant blade breakages while pulling out nails from wood? Worry no more! You can avoid a perilous accident with a wood cutting blade capable of cutting those pesky nails – the Titanium BiMetal Oscillating Saw Blade for Wood with Nails. This titanium-coated blade is designed to cut hardwoods, plywood, nails, screws, wood with nails, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, lead, and stainless steel. This blade is great for carpenters, construction workers, and DIY homeowners.


HCS Japanese Tooth Oscillating Blade

Carpentry and woodworking requires precise discipline in any workman. You can do best with the accurate cuts of a Japanese-style blade. This blade can make the smoothest and most accurate cuts out of all oscillating tool blades. It uses its extremely sharp teeth to aggressively cut through wood, plywood, particle board, plastic, sheetrock, drywall, fiberglass and other non-metallic materials. This is also designed to clear sawdust to quickly tackle any project.


Standard Tooth Blades

 Oscillating Tool Blades

Some types of wood are soft, in almost the same density as plaster and drywall. To cut soft material efficiently, only get a coarse cutting blade for the task. The coarse tooth configuration has larger teeth for aggressive plunge and linear cutting. With these proudly American-made oscillating blades, doing flush cuts under doors is made easy. For any beginner to expert worker, the coarse tooth blade is considered a reliable wood-cutting oscillating blade.



Whether you are a beginner or skilled professional, you will find more productive time and less hassle with an oscillating tool. Once equipped with the right blade, this multi-tool can steer towards working on numerous home improvement tasks.

If you work on wooden materials, best equip your oscillating multi-tool with blades that specialize in cutting wood. Never use any blade – that isn’t designed for wood – on wood. The three recommended oscillating blades are just a few of the accessories you can use to cut wood with an oscillating tool.

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