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Semi-Circular Oscillating Saw Blade

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Semi-Circular Oscillating Saw Blade

Semi-Circular/Halfmoon Standard Tooth 4" Wide Saw Blade

Each semi-circular oscillating saw blades is an excellent all-purpose HCS Cutting Blade.  The width of our semi-circular blades will give you the ultimate control and stability when performing cuts on a straight line.  The elevated arbor makes this the perfect blade when making flush cuts along the baseboard, trim and drywall.

These semi-circular oscillating saw blades are made for cutting a perfectly straight line in Hardwood, Plywood, Sheetrock, Drywall, Fiberglass, Plastic and other non-metallic materials.

    Quick Release Oscillating Saw Blades, including the Semi-Circular Oscillating Saw Blade, are compatible with most Oscillating Tools.  Here are just some of the tools are blades will work with:

    • Black and Decker (Not Compatible with the Matrix Model)
    • Bosch (MX30 - Requires our Bosch C-Clip Adapter - Not Compatible with the Starlock Models)
    • Chicago Electric
    • Cougar
    • Craftsman (Not Compatible with the Bolt-On Model)
    • DeWALT
    • Dremel (MM40 & 45 Require our C-Clip Adapter)
    • Falke Tool Mate
    • Fein Multimaster, AFMM 14, FMM 250 Q, FMM 250 Q-MS, MOX 6-25 Pneumatic(Fein Supercut - Requires an Adapter - Not Compatible with the Starlock Models)
    • Ferm Zwolle Holland 
    • Genesis 
    • Green Tech
    • Hardin
    • Haussmann 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool
    • Ideenshop
    • Integra PRO
    • Makita
    • Mastercraft Maximum
    • Master Mechanic
    • Milwaukee
    • Parkside PMFW 310 C2
    • Porter Cable
    • Rigid Jobmax
    • Rockwell Sonicrafter (Hyperlock Model Requires Adapter)
    • Ryobi 
    • Stanley Fatmax 300w Oscillating Tool
    • Triton
    • 'Velocity' by Dremel
    • Worx Hyperlock (Requires Adapter)

    If you are unsure if our oscillating saw blades will work for you, send us a message in the box at the bottom of your screen and we will quickly reply.