Best Chop Saw Reviews and Buying Guide 2017

There are many different and incredibly useful saws out there. Miter saws, compound miter saws, table saws, metal chop saws... the list goes on. There are many different models of chop saws, with each offering very powerful form of equipment used in the cutting though of heavy metals, wood, and sometimes plastics. Chop saws are mostly used at construction sites worldwide for the construction of buildings like apartment buildings, shops, and so on. What's more, due to their popularity, many leading companies, such as Bosch, Makita, and DeWALT now make their own models, with different blades including carbide-tipped blades, carbide blades, and compound blades. Some also have useful features, such as a dust bag for excess dust collection, metal chop capabilities, a detent plate, and a dual compound option for that precise cut in almost any work piece making it one of the most important power tools in your armory. Chop saws are also ever-present in repair shops or the tool sheds of anyone who prefers to work on the refurbish and repairs of their house without the need of professionals.

If what you need is an ordinary chop saw to bring trees down, then a normal saw that only cuts straight, as well as the odd 90-degree cut, is a good choice. You can get a good chop saw that is lightweight enough and portable but also strong enough to chop through hardwoods for lower prices.

On the other hand, for a little more money, you can get a top-quality chop saw. However, the extra money you have to pay initially will definitely give you more than you are looking for. A more expensive chop saw—unlike the cheap ones—come with adjustable blade angle, though the price for this is not that high. An expensive chop saw can have its blade turned to create cuts at different angles, unlike the standard ones. These, in general, vary from angles as sharp as five degrees all the way to cuts at 90 degrees, like a right angle.

Even so, not all the expensive chop saws are top quality. Before you purchase a top-quality chop saw, these are the features it must possess before you can call it so:


The blades are very important when selecting the paramount chop saw because they establish the deepness and altitude of the cut you want to make. Most chop saws come with 12”, 10”, or 8” blade. There are several types of blades for cutting different materials. Most of these chop saws are packaged with different blades for different materials.


The slide of a chop saw allows you to cut materials with different width. Make certain the chop saw you are purchasing comes with a slide. If there are no slides in a chop saw, you will not be able to cut materials with great width.


The miter feature in a chop saw allows you to cut several angles on the material you are working on. Devoid of this attribute, it is practically impossible to make angled cuts like a 45-degree cut.


Bevel feature in a chop saw make cutting different angles at once possible. There are times when you want to cut two different angles on your material but without the bevel feature, this is not possible. So, make certain this feature is present on the chop saw you are purchasing.

Other Features

With ever-increasing demands of customers, some chop saws now come with a beam. This attribute is for those working in dire lighting surroundings.

After getting familiar with these features, I have reviewed the top chop saws you can choose from and they are listed below:

1. Makita LC1230

Makita LC1230

The Makita LC1230 is a 41.9-pound monster, but it is also brutal when it comes to shearing off metal. The blade which is carbide-tipped does not shake or ramble and lasts very much longer than your basic wheel. It does not mess up your workplace either.

Price $419.00
Size 20.3” × 12.1” × 23.7”
Weight 41.9 lb
Color Blue


  • Heavy-duty aluminum base
  • Tool-free fence for quick adjustments
  • A lock-off button for improved safety
  • Powered by a 15-amp motor for improved performance


  • The Makita LC1230 is expensive

2. MK Morse C SM14MB

MK Morse C SM14MB

The MK Morse C SM14MB has a low speed, but a motor with a very high torque which will give you a fast and reliable chop through the materials you are cutting. Its well-oriented teeth dissipate heat, so it eliminates all the annoying sparks and leaves your material cool to touch.

Price $465.18
Size 22” × 18.5” × 14”
Weight 53 lb
Color Black


  • The blade makes precise cuts instead of grinding through materials
  • The Morse also comes with goggles to protect the eyes
  • It comes with ear plugs for protection against noise
  • The motor is smooth when you start it


  • This chop saw is also expensive

3. Dewalt D28715

Dewalt D28715

This chop saw is one of the best saws in the universe. It allows you to change its blade which will save your time whenever you want to change its blade. With this chop saw, you never have to worry about not being able to clamp your material down.

Price $199.00
Size 22.5” × 16.5” × 14”
Weight 46.2 lb
Color Yellow


  • Dewalt is very portable
  • It is also well packed
  • It has a compression spring to make it move easily
  • It is very hard to trip the breaker


  • Makes a lot of noise when in use

4. Makita 2414NB

Makita 2414NB

If what you are looking for is very heavy at the same time portable chop saw, then this Makita should be your choice. It is just a little above 3 pounds but can cut through a 4.5-round stock which shows its prowess. It also comes with the lock feature for safety to avoid starting on its own accidentally. So, no need to be afraid of little kids coming close to it.

Price $216.88
Size 19.7” × 11” × 23.6”
Weight 3.6 lb
Color Blue


  • Works best on aluminum products
  • The vibration is minimal. Does not vibrate too much
  • You can store the socket wrench on the base
  • It comes with a spark diversion technology for the safety of the operator


  • Makes a lot of noise

5. Evolution Rage2

Evolution Rage2

This chop saw is a multipurpose saw which can be used to cut through steel, wood, and other solid materials. It comes with a very high torque to avoid tripping every time you work on thick materials.

Price $306.38
Size 23” × 12” × 24”
Weight 4.6 lb
Color Orange


  • The sparks production is extremely minimal
  • Best for angled cuts
  • Multipurpose


  • It makes rough cuts when you cut too fast


The above chop saws are the best to use for all your cuts. But personally, I will recommend the Makita LC1230 for anyone that wants to buy a good chop saw because it stands above the rest with its amazing features.


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