Hitachi C10FR Portable Table Saw Review

Table saws with powerful motors have become something of a trend these days for people who work with wood or metals and other hard materials. These power tools have become so important that a builder or woodworker can hardly do without them because table saws make their job easy. Unlike before, it is very hard to cut woods or metals into smaller pieces.

Before you can cut a wood into your desired dimension or size, you have to cut them with your hands with an axe and fine-tune them with your bare hands. This is extremely difficult then, but since the arrival of table saws, the job has been very easy and simple. There are several table saws in the national market these days but most of them are not that good. Though, there are those that are of high quality too. If you know what you want, you will definitely find what you are looking for. One of the best table saws in the present national market is the Hitachi C10FR.

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The Hitachi C10FR is an amazing table saw with unique features. The saw comes with a surprisingly good 10-inch 36-tooth carbide tipped blade to get you working right out of the box. And as with most saws in its class, the arbor lock feature allows the blade to be changed out using a single wrench. The stand is rugged, sturdy and not even hard to assemble, and it folds down for good storage. What sets this stand apart from the others is the adjustable foot on the front right, letting you stabilizes the saw on rough ground at the job site or perhaps an uneven concrete floor in the shop. To keep the mess to a minimum, hook up your shop vacuum to the port on the rear of the saw base.

There are lots of saws with similar features and with any well-known brand name, you really can’t make a mistake. But this Hitachi really is a great contractor saw for the price with features that some of the other saws don’t have.

The quietest saw to be examined—the Hitachi C10FR—is expensive for what you get, because there are some major issues with the saw. The outfeed extensions and side operated smoothly, though the stand is designed in such a way that it can potentially tip over slightly when running full plywood sheets through the saw. Additionally, when ripping lumber, it was also the only saw that tipped backward continually. The onboard storage for tools and light weight improve its portability, though the positioning of the handle is too low and stops you from rolling the saw. What’s more, the plastic wheels are too small and are a poor alternative for the larger, more robust rubber wheels found on competitive saws. Though it benefits from rear outfeed support, the support is not adequate for full-panel ripping.

The Hitachi possesses some features that cannot be found in other table saws. They are listed below:


The Hitachi has a unique foldable ability. You can fold this table saw so as to be able to transport it from one jobsite to another.


The Hitachi also comes with some good power features. It comes with an amazing 15-amp motor which produces up to 4000 RPM. It has a horsepower of 4.4 which is good enough for tough cutting and ripping jobs.


The Hitachi table saw is very versatile. It can produce several types of cuts which are good for any builder or woodworker.

Easy Installation

The parts of the Hitachi are easy to install. If you read the manual you can install all the parts yourself. So, no need to waste money on professionals to install the machine.

Accurate Cutting

The Hitachi table saw apart from being powerful, also cuts accurately due to its good fence technology.


This is an important aspect of the table saw. If a table saw does not come with excellent safety procedure then I don’t rate it as a good table saw. The Hitachi is very safe to use, it comes with a reset switch and splitter to keep your workpiece apart to avoid congestion which can lead to an accident.

The Hitachi, unlike many saws which use a lever with gravity-powered slide action for bevel adjustments, uses wheels for both bevel and height adjustments. This technique is not as quick, but dialing specific angles is far easier. Below are the features of the Hitachi C10FR:

Hitachi C10FR

Hitachi C10FR

Price $143.33
Size 1” × 1” × 1”
Weight 1 lb
Color Green


  • It has a unique design
  • It is very portable
  • The stands can be folded up for easy movement
  • The blade of the Hitachi is very easy to install
  • The base of the Hitachi saw is made sturdy and rough
  • The fence is very strong


  • This table saw cannot be used in the production of cabinets and furniture making
  • The miter gauge of the Hitachi is loose
  • Due to its lightweight technology, it can move backward when ripping long parts of wood
  • The blade that comes with the Hitachi is not of the highest quality

The Hitachi blade height handwheel also easily serves as the bevel modification, at least for big changes, but the folks at Hitachi integrated a fine-tuning attribute, reachable just by pushing in the wheel. Just keep in mind to bolt down the bevel handle. The action is smooth on the height, bevel, and fine adjustments. Be conscious, however, that when you tilt the blade to 45 degrees and you are using the gauge, the gauge’s handle will wallop into the blade protector. It doesn’t cause a problem, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

We are happy with the self-aligning metal rip fence for its firmness, the quick-lock attribute and the way it modestly slides. Should you need to realign, the procedure is swift and straightforward. The miter gauge is rock-solid and runs devoid of play in the slots and both pieces store tidily on the base along with the wrench, power cord, push-stick insert, and blade for transportation and keep them in easy contact for use.

Power, accuracy, efficiency, and portability are what this pure-bred workhorse is all about.



  • Clarence Blankenship

    need part that crankes the saw blade up and down

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