DeWalt DWE315K Oscillating Multi-Tool Review


Oscillating multi-tools, shorthand: OMT, are pretty much the Swiss Army Knife of power tools. Since their introduction to the power tool market, OMT have become an essential for construction professionals, occasional trade workers, and even home improvement hobbyists.  

Oscillating multi-tools are the ultimate jacks of all trades when it comes to tackling multiple construction applications. From scraping, grinding, sawing, sanding or remove silicone sealant, you name it, and chances are that oscillating multi-tools can do it. It is because of this very reason that OMTs make great addition to your workshop collection. Once you get to experience the many advantages that oscillating multi-tools bring to the table, then we can all but guarantee that you will find it a chore to go back to your old ways of doing things. 

In the same breath that we mention oscillating tools, the ever so iconic power tools brand DeWalt comes to mind. The DeWalt DWE315K Oscillating multi-tool is one of the company’s most popular offering to the power tools market. So is only right that in this review, we will be taking a closer look at the DeWalt DWE315K. 


Spec Overview  

The DeWalt DWE315K is very similar to other OMT models in the market in terms of the way it look--sharing the familiar bullet shape and approximately the same dimensions with most of its competition; The DeWalt DWE315K is a roughly 13″ long OMT unit that weighs in at about 3.1lbs. But what makes the DeWalt DWE315K stand out from the rest? 

When first inspecting the tool, the first thing that strikes you is the distinctive black and yellow colorway that is worn by DeWalt power tools across their product line. At the very heart of this corded oscillated unit is a 3.0 amp motor that delivers 0-22,000 oscillations per minute at a 1.6 degree angle. This makes the DeWalt DWE315 powerful enough to through almost any material and take on anything you throw at it. 

DeWalt DWE315K Oscillating Multi-Tool

Outside of raw power and performance, among the biggest selling of the DeWalt DWE315K is the company’s proprietary Dual Grip Variable Speed Trigger that adds a whole new level of control not seen before in any OMT unit in the market. DeWalt DWE315K’s variable speed paddle trigger allows for a straightforward and intuitive one-handed operation. All that is required of the user to engage the blade attachment is to apply pressure to either end of this long offset trigger will activate any attached blade--more pressure will increase the speed, less pressure will decrease the cut, and zero pressure will disengage the motor altogether. Note that the DWE315K’s variable speed trigger can only be applied at full speed.  

The DeWalt DWE315K also features the company's proprietary Quick Change accessory system that allows users to swap the attachments at the drop of a hat without fumbling for a hex key-- accessories without going through the familiar hassle. You just squeeze down on the silver lever and you are able to disengage the clamp and free the blade attachment. While the Quick Change of mechanism pretty sleek, you might need to wait for the previous blade attachment to cool down a little before it’s safe to touch.

The DWE315K’s Quick Change system is compatible not only with all DeWalt attachment across their OMT line but also with OMT attachments of Porter-Cable and Black & Decker OMTs--as these brands are practically the same group of companies and therefore share the same type of quick change technology. Additionally, with the help of an adapter, the DWE315K can adapt a universal fit system that allows you to use accessories of other OMT makes and models. This makes the DWE315K one of a kind when it comes to sheer adaptability. 

The DeWalt DWE315K excels in ergonomics. Weight plays a crucial part in ergonomics, and DWE315K comes in at 3.21 pounds--light enough that it doesn’t cause any strain on the users arms and back but not too light that the unit feels like it’s loaded with cheap internals.

Like most DeWalt products the DWE315K utilizes a smaller diameter handle--allowing its user to really wrap their hands around this nifty device. There is no doubt that the DeWalt DWE315K packs a lot of power and yet it’s able to deliver maximum power smoothly and without losing control thanks to its better grip control design and plenty of rubber over-molds. 

Out of the box, the DeWalt DWE315K comes with the necessary attachments to get you started--wood and nails blade, fast-cut wood blade, semi-circle blade, sanding pad, 25 sheets of sandpaper and the universal fit accessory adapter. The DeWalt DWE315K also comes with good quality contractor bag, accessory storage box, and a particularly informative user manual.

The DeWalt DWE315K will set you back $159.00. Sure, there are dirt cheap models in what is turning out to be a saturated OMT market, but just like everything in this life, you often get what you pay for. The DeWalt DWE315K gets you an OMT unit with a lot of power and performance on tap, top of the line ergonomics, a level of versatility and adaptability that is difficult to match. $159 is a bargain. 



The DeWalt DWE315K is a solid investment for any construction professional or occasional home improvement enthusiast. Considering that the original design was first introduced, and that DeWalt doesn’t find the need to replace it with a different model speaks to the quality of the DeWalt DWE315K. With company’s badge of reliability, proper design, top-quality components, and solid construction, expect the DWE315K handle the kind of use and abuse often expected and experienced in the workshop and in the workshop. 


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