How to Get the Most Out of Your Oscillating Tool

oscillating tool

Do you have an oscillating tool, multi-tool, or OMT? If you’re clever, you might have noted that those are all the same thing. They are just three of the names for a tool that you see on most job sites today. An oscillating tool is a hand tool whose blade moves (or oscillates) from side to side in very short and fast motions.  


In general, you should expect the blade to make around 20,000 oscillating per minute. This enables it to do many things from cutting, slicing, sanding and grinding to polishing and even scraping. With the right accessory, the options are limitless for what you can do. Today we’re going to talk about a few ways to ensure that you are getting the most from your tool.  



Whether you need to make plunge cuts or cut space under a doorjamb, the multi-tool is perfect for the job. Often when installing new flooring, the door jamb is in the way. If you use a scrap piece of the new flooring, then you will be able to use your oscillating tool to get the cut right where you need it.  

When looking at plunge cuts, think about using the multi-tool when you need to create a hole in the wall for a new outlet, replace old wood on a deck, or even add a heat register. You’ll be able to cut the whole just where you need it at the perfect size — no more bringing out a Skilsaw and chisel to replace your old wood.  

In tight spaces, you will also see this tool’s cutting abilities take the lead. Think about butting plumbing pipe inside a cabinet. No longer will you have to fiddle and find workarounds. Now you can do exactly what you want when you want to! 

Finally, as a final way to get the most out of your multi-tools cutting skills, try using it on the job site to cut rigid insulation. Many people use electric turkey cutting knives to do this, but that belongs in the kitchen! The multi-tool can be used in every part of the job site and won’t have to be cleaned before next Thanksgiving.  



Gone are the days of elbow grease for removing the old floorboard, residual adhesive, aged caulking, grout, or mortar. By using a grinding pad or and scraper blade you will be able to tackle the room remodels with ease. This is the perfect time for us to throw in the old saying, “work smarter not harder.” 



With a sanding attachment, you can work with either wood or metal to create the perfect final product. If you’re looking for something that can ensure you have a high level of detail, an oscillating tool is perfect. It’s small and triangular sander means that you can get right into the crook of things to achieve the best detail possible.  

Sanding is another reason this tool is a remodeler's dream. It’s the perfect way to remove a coat or refinish a surface without ever having to take it out of the site. That makes it perfect for old staircases or other structural features. 




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