Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi-Tool

How many times have you gotten started on working on a home improvement only to realize that that you don’t have the necessary tools for the job? This Genesis GMT15A multi tool is designed so you never have to find yourself in this situation ever again. The Genesis GMT15A is essentially four different tools packaged in one easy to handle piece of equipment. 

When you are shopping for your workshop and come across a fully-functional oscillating multi-tool with a price tag of around $40, it’s only natural to second-guess just how capable of a power tool it is. But don’t let the low price-point mislead you, the Genesis GMT15A, in fact, is a proper oscillating multi-tool that sports robust functionality for any number of home improvement applications--including fine sanding, old paint scraping, vinyl flooring, cabinet trimming, close-quarter sawing, and grout and caulk removal, among a host of other applications. 


Spec Overview 

At the heart of the Genesis GMT15A is a 1.5 amp electric motor that generates up to 21,000 oscillations per minute--more than enough performance to handle any basic grinding, sanding, cutting, and scraping application. The Genesis GMT15A multi-purpose oscillating tool is capable of doing quality work due to its outstanding oscillating power.  

This Genesis GMT15A sports a four-pin flange that is specifically engineered to ensure that all attachments are securely installed in place. The Genesis team behind the GMT15A has gone the extra mile to ensure the user’s safety while operating the device. 

While there are more durable OMTs in the market, the Genesis GMT15A is no slouch when it comes to build quality--with a substantial gear housing that's fashioned from die-cast aluminum. The die-cast aluminum housing is to prevent the inside components of the GMT15A from overheating. Thus it enhances the service life of the tool and also ensures security while working. The die-cast aluminum housing also does a fantastic job at keeping the total weight of the Genesis GMT15A relatively light at less than 4 pounds--a proper enough weight to allow for extended use. 

The Genesis GMT15A offers incredible value for not much money. Right out of the box, the GMT15A comes with a 3” Delta sanding pad, sandpaper of varying grits, a scraping blade, a 30mm E-cut saw blade, an HSS segment saw blade, a hex key, and a custom accessory storage box. There is also a full range of Genesis accessories for the GMT15A. Alternatively, users can use the included adaptor to make accessories of other makes and models compatible to the Genesis GMT15A. 

Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi-Tool

Unlike the more traditional power saws, the Genesis GMT15A sports a 30-millimeter flush cutting saw blade that allows for high-quality precision cutting along edges and in tight corners.  

Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi-Tool

To fashion cut-outs from wood, plastic, or drywall material, the high quality the 3-inch flat saw blade included in the GMT15A makes for the perfect attachment. The rigid scraper blade makes easy work of pulling up stubborn vinyl flooring or carpeting. The scraper also works great at chipping away at old paint layers. 

Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi-Tool

The Genesis GMT15A also makes for a proper detail sander. Just install the hook-and-loop sanding pad and sandpaper and you’re well on your way to dry sanding wood, plastic, or metal surfaces in no time.  

Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi-Tool

The Genesis GMT15A comes with a limited 2-year warranty, along with complimentary customer service access and technical support within its warranty period.  



It is no secret that the Genesis GMT15A faces stiff competition from other high-end oscillating tools. But if you are looking for a fully functional, entry-level oscillating multi-tool that comes with a dirt-cheap price tag, then the GMT15A might be the best option for you. It’s hard to beat GMT15A when it comes to getting a basic OMT that gets the job done while spending the least amount of your money. Thanks to its solid overall design, the Genesis GMT15A can properly take on a long list of home-improvement projects that once required a workshop full of expensive specialty tools.  

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