Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall Review

It’s amazing how the term “sawzall”--a registered trademark of Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation--has been widely used to refer any reciprocating saw--regardless of make and model. The fact that the Milwaukee trademark has grown synonymous to reciprocating saws has a lot to do with how the company has been one of the most recognizable brands in the industry for practically a century (since 1924)--an industry leader in the production and innovation of top quality power tools.  



It’s easy to understand Milwaukee’s reasoning behind the nickname “sawzall”--since they developed a reciprocating saw that indeed “saws-all” materials. Depending on the type of blade installed on the device, a sawzall or reciprocating tool can cut through any number of materials, including lumber, metal, plywood, plastic and cast-iron pipe, among others. 

Since the initial introduction of the sawzall to the power tool market, Milwaukee has built a reputation of manufacturing, robust, tough, and reliable reciprocating saws--evidenced by the fact that most people refer to reciprocating saw of various makes and models as a sawzall. In this review, we will be looking at the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall/Reciprocating Saw. So let’s jump right in. 

Specs Overview  

Before we look into the M18, you should understand that every Milwaukee power tool in the Fuel banner line is powered by a brushless motor.  A brushless motor offers a number of operational advantages including cooler operation, longer run times, more power, and a longer lifespan of the motor itself.  Now onto the review!

Milwaukee makes the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall available in various inclusions--as a bare reciprocating saw unit (model no. 2720-20); reciprocating saw with one battery, multi-charger and a case (model no. 2720-21); reciprocating saw with two batteries, multi-charger and a case (model no. 2720-22)   

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall features a stroke length of 1 1/8″, with 0-3000 SPM (strokes per minute). The M18 sets itself apart from its competition by being the fastest reciprocating saw in its category (about 30% faster), providing two times runtime, and offering five times longer tool life. The fundamental drivers behind the M18’s unparalleled power and run time is the combination of its FUEL brushless motor, RedLithium XC Li-Ion battery pack, advanced electronics. 

The FUEL brushless motor drives the M18 to deliver significantly faster-cutting speeds and better durability when compared to the competition. The M18 features Milwaukee’s proprietary Redlink Plus Intelligence that comes with this latest addition of fuel reciprocating saw from Milwaukee is the Redlink Plus Intelligence that optimizes the M18’s performance while providing advanced overload protection. Additionally,  to avoid sudden shut shutdowns, the RedLithium XC battery pack also sports that provides information as to how much power is left in the tank.  

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall features a tool-free Quick-lock blade change system that allows for hassle-free blade changes in a matter of minutes. Milwaukee’s Quick-lock system features a heavy-duty spring action mechanism that inspires confidence in terms of securely locking the blade in place--and avoiding accidental blade release altogether.  

Milwaukee engineered the M18 with gear-protecting clutch that protects the tool from common wear and tear and abuse in the workplace.  The M18 gear-protecting clutch allows the M18 to be at its best for a longer period. The M18 also sports superior and debris protection seal that prevents unwanted materials from entering the gear housing. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall comes with an adjustable shoe that makes for an extended blade life as well as overall better access to different areas of the blade.  

Among the many advantages of a cordless sawzall like the M18 is its compact size--18½ inches, 8.9 pounds. The M18 is a convenient tool to use in tight environments such as in cabinets or in the ceilings. The M18 features a streamlined design--mainly because of the prominent over-mold that’s designed to protect most parts of the tool, almost like an armor. Additionally, the M18 over-mold also provides a number of ways in which the user can securely hold the tool.  

Low light visibility is another important thing to take into consideration when working in tight spaces such as cabinets and ceilings. The M18 Sawzall includes an integrated LED lamp in the saw to help improve low light visibility the cutting area. While the solitary LED isn’t exactly blindingly bright, it is definitely a welcome inclusion especially on a tool that often lends itself to home improvement application and in darker nooks and crannies of the house.  

Lastly, the M18 Fuel Sawzall comes with a very handy rafter hook that allows you to stow the tool off the floor when needed.  


Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall is a robust, powerful, and reliable piece of equipment that can greatly improve safety and productivity in the workplace.  You can now climb up onto a roof without worrying so much about tripping over a power cord. The M18 is a piece of pro-grade equipment that packs the same punch as that of a corded tool. Setting you back $199 for the bare tool or $299 for a kit with one battery,  Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall is a lot of power tool for not a lot of money. The M18 is highly recommended for people who depend on their Sawzall all day long as it ultimately delivers the power and performance of a corded tool with the flexibility, efficiency, and convenience of a cordless model. 

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