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Jigsaw Blades: Which Jigsaw Blade Should You Buy

A good jigsaw blade for the type of tool you commonly work with will give you a nice, even and straight cut. It’s needed to increase the lifespan of the tool that you’re using. So, which jigsaw blade should you buy? The following guide and review will try to give you the answer. What Materials Are You Going to Be Cutting Through? The first question to ask yourself, is what materials you are likely to use the jigsaw blade on? Depending on the construction and the specifics of the blade, it could be used to cut through one or more types of materials. There are jigsaw blades out there created for use on wood (hardwood, laminate, and softwood varieties), ferrous...

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Top 5 Best Portable Workbenches For Your Projects

Every workspace – no matter how big or small – must always have a portable and reliable workbench. We’ve compiled a list of five of the best portable workbenches you can get now for your woodworking.     Worx Sidekick WX066 For just $60, Worx Sidekick WX066 worktable deserves to go on top of this list. Sidekick has folding working table surface and a collapsible set of four posts that can easily hold up to 300 pounds best for any type of workshop projects. This table is capable of supporting multiple Sidekicks to fully expand your working space.  What's included (1) 24" x 24" Tabletop (1) 32" Collapsible Metal Leg Stand (4) Clamp Dogs (2) Link Knobs Technical Specs And Details...

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Dremel VC60-01 Velocity Ultimate Remodeling Tool Kit Review

There are a lot of remodeling power tools in the market today that promise to get the job done. But nothing comes close to what Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp Hyper-Oscillating Ultimate Remodeling Tool Kit can do. Dremel Velocity is your all-in-one solution to home remodeling as it replaces many tools such reciprocating saws, traditional oscillating, circular saws, and more. Boasting its extremely powerful 7-amp motor and unique high-torque mechanism, Dremel Velocity VC60-01 is designed to cut through even in the most demanding applications such as larger cutting jobs most old and traditional oscillating tools can no longer handle. This review will show you why it’s loved by most home improvement enthusiasts, DIYers, and woodworkers and why it’s worth considering when...

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Best Multi-tool for Backpacking and Survival

To survive in the wild, you need a top-quality multi-tool. Any such tool that can keep you protected in the wild is always worthwhile. A handheld tool is always a great necessity whether it entails needing something for cutting small bits of wood, making foods, or securing first aid materials. Here are a few of the best multi-tools you can find right now to help tackle almost any survival situation. Each individual tool includes its own specific features inside a compact body for the ultimate survival kit. 1. Leatherman Skeletool Designed with a stainless steel body, the Leatherman Skeletool is the first choice to utilize. It includes a 420HC knife that locks into the handle. The knife secures itself automatically and...

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Porter Cable Oscillating Tool Reviews

Porter Cable makes several oscillating tools that designed for a variety of purposes. Most products from the company are used for sanding purposes. Finishing and cutting functions can work too depending on the attachment being used. All oscillating tools from Porter Cable function with a variety of parts and uses in mind. Comparing each multi-purpose tool that is available is certainly a must for any toolkit. Everything varies based on the unique functions that are included and how well you use these items. A Quick Note The various tools Porter Cable makes are divided up based on how such a machine will be powered (amp motor) and how many parts come with a setup. Also, sometimes the power cord might...

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