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Top Seven Tools Every Carpenter Needs in the Woodshop

If you’re looking to get into woodworking, or already are, then these seven tools will be the start of the perfect collection of woodworking supplies. Though there are many specializations, these seven pieces of equipment will be versatile enough that every type of carpenter will need and use them regularly, whether newbie or master.  Chisels  Chisels are available in almost any size with varying shapes and materials. If you have a tougher material, that means less time that you must spend sharpening your chisels and more time that you can work. Chisels are perfect for creating dovetails, tendons, and so much more. A craftsman can be told apart from a factory worker by use of a chisel to create intricate and precise...

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2720 Sawzall Review

The FUEL brushless motor drives the M18 to deliver significantly faster-cutting speeds and better durability when compared to the competition. The M18 features Milwaukee’s proprietary Redlink Plus Intelligence that ...

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