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DeWalt DWE315K Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

  Oscillating multi-tools, shorthand: OMT, are pretty much the Swiss Army Knife of power tools. Since their introduction to the power tool market, OMT have become an essential for construction professionals, occasional trade workers, and even home improvement hobbyists.   Oscillating multi-tools are the ultimate jacks of all trades when it comes to tackling multiple construction applications. From scraping, grinding, sawing, sanding or remove silicone sealant, you name it, and chances are that oscillating multi-tools can do it. It is because of this very reason that OMTs make great addition to your workshop collection. Once you get to experience the many advantages that oscillating multi-tools bring to the table, then we can all but guarantee that you will find it a chore to go...

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How to Recycle Your Saw Blades

Whether you are a hobbyist, someone that loves doing home improvement projects, or someone that’s always working the shop, at some point, you will need to dispose of your blades. If you’ve been working for any length of time, you know that even though blades were built to last, eventually wear and tear breaks them down.   Once that happens, it’s time to determine how you are going to get rid of your old blades and bring the new ones in. We always recommend recycling your blades, and of course, purchasing your new ones at Ryker Hardware. Today, we’re going to walk you through how to recycle your blades safely.     Why not trash? Metal is a non-renewable natural resource, meaning it’s...

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Why you should use Oscillating Tools

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that everyone knows what they’re looking for when they visit our website. So if you don’t know your oscillations from your reciprocations, we’ve gone back to basics to explain why oscillating tools are the equipment you need to shake things up (in a controlled way of course). What are Oscillating Tools? Oscillating tools are the workshop equivalent to a Swiss Army Knife or an octopus - a multi-functioning piece of kit that can perform numerous functions. Also known as a multi-tool, oscillating tools have a vast range of attachments available, with specific tools for cutting, grinding, polishing, rasping, sawing, scraping and sawing. If you’re looking for sharp, detailed results, then an oscillating tool is your...

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Oscillating Tool

Do you have an oscillating tool, multi-tool, or OMT? If you’re clever, you might have noted that those are all the same thing. They are just three of the names for a tool that you see on most job sites today. An oscillating tool is a hand tool whose blade moves (or oscillates) from side to side in very short and fast motions.     In general, you should expect the blade to make around 20,000 oscillating per minute. This enables it to do many things from cutting, slicing, sanding and grinding to polishing and even scraping. With the right accessory, the options are limitless for what you can do. Today we’re going to talk about a few ways to ensure that you...

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